Is your Organization Communicating Meaningfully about Social Injustice and Diversity?

With crises, upheaval, pain and change happening every day, many individuals and organizations are unsure about the right ways to communicate and the right actions to take about social injustice. And so they wait, reluctant to say the wrong words or take the wrong steps.

But action is needed to effect positive change, to contribute to making our global community healthier, safer, fairer, kinder.

Professional communicator Wendy Roundtree, of US-based Jarel Communications, offers insightful advice for organizations to genuinely address what’s happening: “Let’s be sensitive, honest and, more important, say something real.”

She suggests three pragmatic steps organizational leaders and communicators should take to navigate and communicate issues of social injustice and diversity.

  • Assess the situation before acting
  • Generate change by coupling words with a plan
  • Say something meaningful

Read more about Wendy’s perceptive suggestions in her PRNEWS article, “How Companies Can Avoid Making Empty Statements About Diversity.

And let’s all try to be sensitive, honest and say something real.

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