You’re probably a worse writer than you think you are

When it comes to building a successful career, good writing skills are essential in many fields. Professionals, managers and executives must be able to write clearly, accurately and competently. They must be able to prepare clear, concise emails. Understandable reports. Letters that make a point. Persuasive proposals. Presentations that engage audiences. Therefore, if you want your career to progress, you need to become a good business writer. Here are four articles I wrote that offer ideas, examples and tips to strengthen your writing.

Think you’re a good business writer?
When someone proclaims, “I’m a good writer” and then we receive a report from this person that’s literally indecipherable, it can be like watching an audition for Canada’s Got Talent…

Write to the right people
It’s not about me. It’s about you.

Get to the point
Ever waded through page after page of a business document until your eyes glazed over, but you couldn’t figure out the point of it?

Watch your language
Don’t let sloppy writing, poor grammar or inappropriate tone undermine your message.

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