What’s in a Byline?

What’s in a byline? Well, if it’s your name in the byline of a published article, it could be visibility, credibility and differentiation for you and your company.

With so much information circulating online and in print, quality content that provides true value to readers is a precious  commodity. While publishers and editors are unimpressed with self-promotional or poorly written contributions, many appreciate receiving insightful, stimulating articles that address issues of interest to their readers.

If you have discerning ideas, distinctive opinions, creative solutions, helpful advice, valuable lessons or original predictions, consider sharing these through contributed (also called bylined) articles. These are published articles that express the thoughts of individuals who have expertise in a particular field or topic. Here is a sample.

Contributing topical, informative articles to publications read by your clients and prospects and others who are important to your success can help you showcase your expertise and raise your profile. If you have the knowledge but lack the interest, ability or time to write, you can always collaborate with a ghostwriter to help you gather your thoughts into compelling articles.

You won’t get an article published if your intent is to promote your products or services. You will get an article published if you provide readers with ideas, information or advice that is truly helpful to them.

So the next time you read an article and your reaction is, “I could have written a better one” – why don’t you?

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