It’s about the quality, not the quantity, of communications

 How many tweets does it take to engage an audience?

  1. 100
  2. several a day
  3. the number isn’t important

 If you chose 3 then you probably don’t need to keep reading this blog post.

For organizations that are trying to attract and engage important audiences like prospects, clients and donors, however, it’s important to know that it takes more than regular tweets or Facebook updates. It’s not a constant flow of communications that captures attention and interest. It’s the quality of what is communicated.

If you tweet because it’s been 12 hours since you tweeted, or you send a monthly enewsletter because it’s on the production schedule, then it might be time to evaluate the quality of the content you communicate.

  • Do you address issues that are important to  key audiences?
  • Is information timely?
  • Does content provide audiences with real value; for example, is it  informative? Insightful? Helpful? Entertaining?

Communications can be time consuming, expensive and unproductive when objectives relate only to frequency or quantity. When an organization focuses on the quality of its communications however, the rewards can be invaluable – audience engagement, respect and support.

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