Are you Trustworthy?

Now, be honest.

Try taking an objective look through your organization’s latest communications: articles, speeches, letters, blog postings, etc.  Would you say your intended audiences would perceive these communications to be believable and trustworthy?

Or might they see them more like The Real Housewives of OC: flashy and attention grabbing but lacking substance and credibility?

The distinction is important. In order to develop relationships with the people who can help your organization succeed, they need to perceive it as trustworthy. To encourage this perception, all of your communications with stakeholders should focus on building trust. The following checklist can help you determine  whether they are doing so.

Does every communication tool convey:

  • Competence?
  • Honesty?
  • Credibility?
  • Likability?
  • Integrity?
  • Openness?

And are your overall communications:

  • Reliable?
  • Consistent?
  • Frequent?

The more you communicate competence, honesty, credibility, likability, integrity and openness – with reliability, consistency and frequency – the more likely it is that others will perceive your organization as trustworthy and worth supporting.

Believe me, this is trustworthy information!


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