Out: what’s in this for ME? In: how can I help US?

Nothing like a global meltdown to point out that we’re all in this great big sandbox together. No matter whether or not we want to play with some of the others in here, the fact is, the way each of us behaves determines whether we create a magnificent sand castle or wind up with sand up our noses.


Now that we’ve learned a hard lesson about our interconnectedness over the past few months, it’s apparent that if we want a better outcome going forward, we’re going to have to shift the focus from me to us.  


Organizational leaders can influence the opinions and behaviour of others.  Rather than the messages we’ve been hearing however, such as,  “you are special,” “you deserve this,” “this will make you rich,” leaders have an opportunity to remind us that looking out for our whole group – management, employees, customers, community, country, globe – benefits not only the group, but each of the individuals within it.


Methinks it’s time for a culture and message rethink: we’re just not that into you; we’re into us.




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