Hope: The Most Powerful Communication Tool in the World

I was inspired by hope to write this blog today – the day of the inauguration of the 44th president of the United States of America, Barack Obama.


Hope is what inspires us all to get up in the morning. To go to work. To eat. To live.


Hope is, I believe, what makes us human. I discovered this when I started working with The Dorothy Ley Hospice a few years ago. When I was developing communication tools for the hospice, I often used a quote by Dr. Ley, who pioneered hospice care in Ontario. I found her words to be inspirational and comforting – and also somewhat surprising in the context of her work in palliative care: “We will bring you hope – not for tomorrow but for this day. We will not leave you. We will watch with you. We will be there.”          


I found it enlightening that even people who are terminally ill need hope. I learned that hope is what keeps us living – right up until the very end. In fact, from the time we begin to think and reason, we hope. We hope to have fun with our friends. We hope to become 10 years old. We hope to have a boyfriend or girlfriend. We hope to get that job we want. We hope to lose weight. To buy a house. To win. To be liked. To have children. To retire. To succeed.


Today, I was inspired by the message of hope communicated by President Barack Obama. His message has inspired individuals, a nation and the world.


Hope is an important tool for all leaders. When we want to reach people, to engage them – we have to give them hope. In fact, when times are challenging and worrisome, as they are today, it’s even more important to communicate hope. Rather than focusing on the negative, President Obama focuses on what is possible.


When you need to communicate, think about the power of hope.


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